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Dairyland Collegiate League & Waukesha Foxes

The Dairyland Collegiate League is committed to providing young men and women with the developmental resources needed in facilitating athletic and academic success.


Our internship guidance and staff collaboration among athletes enhances cultivating, educational, and further career opportunities. 


The DCL emphasises a culture based on relationships, hard work, and integrity while remaining within the framework of competitive collegiate competition.



The DCL was established in 2021 and first started as a 3 team league with 2 teams located in Lake Mills and 1 located in Johnson Creek. The Waukesha Foxes joined the Dairyland Collegiate League(DCL) for the 2022 season.


The Wisconsin Cheese Kings won the 2022 DCL Championship against the Johnson Creek Mapaches.

The Foxes are one of the newest members of the DCL as well as the Wisconsin Cheese Kings and Maunesha River Rats

In 2023, the DCL will operate as a 6 team league in Southern Wisconsin and continue to grow, make improvements and give our athletes, coaches, interns and communities an incredible summer time experience! 

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