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If you are a high school/college student, recent graduate or someone looking to break into the sports industry, consider the Baseball Internships and volunteer opportunities available with the Waukesha Foxes. The Foxes strives to not only improve college baseball players’ abilities on the baseball diamond but to also develop leaders off the field within the confines of our baseball internships and volunteer opportunities. Spending the summer with the Foxes working within one of our Sports Internships can help those interested in advancing in the sports industry get a head start on landing that sports dream job.

The Foxes offers job training in a variety of sports entertainment sectors such as

  • Social Media & Website Design internships 

  • Athletic Training internships

  • Strength & Conditioning internships

  • In Game Statistics Internships

  • Stadium/Game Day Operations internships.


Home games will be played in Waukesha, Wisconsin at Frame Park and interns are required to complete tasks and duties at the Ballpark on home and occasional away games. Fortunately, all teams associated with the Dairyland Collegiate League are withing a 30 mile radius, which makes commutes very short!

The Foxes Baseball Internship Program is designed for students and recent graduates interested in a career in sports entertainment. Baseball Internships are unpaid but students can earn college college credit for their time working for the Foxes. Academic credit is not guaranteed, and accepted interns need to verify/check with their respective academic departments to ensure a specific internship opportunity meets academic credit requirements.

During the summer baseball season, interns should expect to be available one to two hours prior to first pitch (depending on their job duties and tasks) and remain at the stadium until released by management. Check the official schedule for exact dates and times.

To apply for any of our available internships, all intern applications must go through the Dairyland Collegiate League. That said, please don't hesitate to fill out a form HERE! Please make sure you have read the job descriptions completely prior to applying to ensure you are qualified and most importantly, interested in performing those baseball internship duties.

Questions? Email us at

See you this summer!!

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